Open new tab.

For example, Shift+B is the same as Shift+b.

. you have already the short key.

Open Dropdown button on tabs.

The active tab closes, and your browser will make the first open tab the active one.

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Allows you to quickly open the saved Salesforce orgs with keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard. In Salesforce classic Shift+C opens the recently closed tabs.

For shortcuts that specify “then,” release the first key, or key combo, before typing the next key. .

FYI the keyboard shortcut to close all tabs is shift + w.


R. You can search for, edit, save, and close records, all without touching a mouse.

Go to Primary Tab. Shift+w: Refresh tab: Refreshes.

Ctrl + Tab.
"Click Add Keyboard Shortcut".

Tabs: Close workspace tab: Closes the current workspace tab, including its subtabs.


. Edit. Another, is to open up the history and notes section.

Ctrl + Shift + E. For example, Shift+B is the same as Shift+b. For example, Shift+B is the same as Shift+b. . . Shortcuts help you navigate and work with records faster and without using your mouse.

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To view an overlay that lists shortcuts for a console, press Shift+K or click and select Show Keyboard Shortcuts. .




Show or Hide Pinned List.

Ctrl + Shift + E.