Papi is a colloquial pet name for the word “father” and is used like the term of endearment “baby. Noun 'moyo: see also moyo, moyó‎ 'moyo (Nubi) Noun 'moyo water Reference Inneke Hilda Werner.

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Spanish is a highly regionalized language, so most countries will have their own slang. Dictionary entries. (related to the city) a.

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What could these words be, and what would there translation be in English?. (quantity) a.

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. motorbike (United Kingdom) Jeremy monta su moto en el desierto los fines de semana.

What does moyo mean? Information and translations of moyo in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Is this word considerd offensive racially to African Americans.

moyo (also: uhai, maisha) volume_up.
Some slang words may even mean completely different things in different countries.


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Moyosore is a girl that brings joy into someones life, she is smart , beautiful , loyal, caring , she respects other as she wants them to treat her.

. bike (colloquial) Lo que más le gusta es viajar.

Meaning of moyo.

What Does Nana Mean In Spanish Slang? “Abeluela” is a grandmother or grandmother-figure, “Nana” is a caring word that refers to a person who cares for a small child.

Synonym: kopa.

It is widely used in Chile.

Meaning of moyo.